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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news at
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noon. >> this is a tragedy for the soul of oakland.>> heartbreak and grief as the work continues in oakland at the site of last weekend's devastating warehouse fire. the death toll stands at 36.>> more stories of the students, teachers and musicians who lost their lives in the deadly blaze. good afternoon. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi we learned no additional bodies were recovered overnight. the death toll stands at 36. fire crews say there is still a section of the building they have not searched due to safety hazards. we know that this fire is not only the deadliest in oakland's history but it is also now the deadliest structure fire in california since the 1906 san francisco earthquake.>> kpix 5 is live with complete coverage. jackie ward has more on how the community is mourning the victims. we begin with anne makovec on the latest from the scene. >> reporter: the recovery work has been going on for 24 hours
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a day since this fire happened on friday night. officers have been trying to dig through the rubble. may have had several challenges but things are going smoothly this afternoon. as michelle mentioned, no more bodies have been found today. >> as of this morning, recovery workers had combed through 85% of what remains of the warehouse. the scene of a fire that killed 36 people attending a party in a building known as the ghost ship, and artist collective holding a concert friday night.>> the 15% that has not been searched yet is in the front left corner that we just can't get too. >> reporter: they have been shoring up walls in the area and they are waiting to get into an area in the back of the warehouse where the atf is investigating the origin of the fire hoping to find the cause. the sheriff's office continues to bring terrible news to the
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families of those who have died. there is one body that they have not been able to identify. >> this may be a situation where we have to go to dna or dental records. if that is the case, that is what we will do. >> reporter: a grim job as the workers responding to this tragedy cope with the stress of the horrors they are seeing. >> of course it sticks with you. the brain does not erase the memory. it is part of what you signed up for. >> reporter: in the meantime, the alameda county sheriff's office continues its investigation into possible criminal charges. there are allegations of faulty wiring and a legal living spaces in a building that had no such permits. there is no timeline for answers. >> we are going to continue the investigation. we are going to continue the process until absolutely every piece of debris is removed from this building. every area has been searched. >> so far, we have not heard too much from the atf about
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their investigation into the cause of the fire. this morning, they have been interviewing people who used to live in the warehouse and looking closely at the electrical system. live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5 authorities have identified 33 of the 36 victims. a lot of them were young in their 20s the youngest victim has been identified as the son of an alameda county sheriff's deputy. some were artists, others were musicians. at least three of them were from out of the country. three of the victims were members of the trans community. family members say they saw the ghost ship as a safe space to be there authentic self. jackie ward spoke with police who are striving to make every space safe.>> reporter: the oakland police department recognizes the sensitivity requires working with a trans community. they even have a transgender liaison. i spoke with one lieutenant
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whose priority is to inform the officers of how to work in the community in a respectful way. >> three of the victims of friday nights warehouse fire were identified as trans women. the ghost ship warehouse is an open and save space for them to be themselves. lieutenant lisa austin says it is critical to inform the officers of the most respectful way to interact with the trans community. >> we understand that once they go into a situation or a scene or whatever they have to deal with, they can speak and talk educated with compassion with the community. >> all three women are being honored as part of this memorial, a block away from where they perished. one was a gentle soul who never had a bad word to say about anyone. another was a member of a dream pop band. her record label says she will be remembered of one of the most talented people they have
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ever known. one more was thoughtful that sent a message regarding transit safety. he writes in part, many of you will remember her as max that recently she transitioned to become a woman. she took the name m. i wish with all my heart that she had more time to live her life as she truly wanted. my heart goes out to the entire trans community feel as if they must gather in unsafe buildings to experience the community and celebrate their identity. lieutenant austin explained that were names of the victims are made public, law enforcement agencies are required to provide the legal given name. to opv, it is important to release the victim's chosen name as soon as they learn them. >> out of respect for the community, family members minimum is one person and their communities and friends recognize them as another
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person.>> reporter: tonight, spector media will provide what they are calling a sanctuary to celebrate the lives of fire victims. live in oakland, jackie ward, kpix 5. as friends and family members of the oakland fire victims struggle to cope with their sudden loss, we are getting a look at who they were.>> imagine the loss of your 17-year-old sons -- son is horrifying. >> the youngest victim has been identified as the son of an alameda county sheriff's deputy.>> it really touches home. our deputies for the past few years.>> friends and family highlighted the best attributes of the victims. high school friends remembered nick gomez hall as a talented and passionate musician.>> everybody that knew him is saying such wonderful things about him. we will hear more and more
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about how awesome he was. >> as the community continues to grieve, many are waiting for answers including friends and family members of two uc berkeley students. tenants showed up to the scene of the building. he came in the predawn darkness. he told the today show he is incredibly sorry over the massive lost lives. we have learned he is currently on probation for receiving stolen property in 2015. friends tell us his children were removed from the ghost ship because of concerns about the living conditions. the person who owns the building has no surface. we tried repeatedly to talk to the owner. she owns a number of buildings in oakland. city records show the building inspectors went to that warehouse at least five times in the past few years.
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in 2014, it was about construction debris and construction without permits. the city also received two complaints last month about garbage and an illegal interior building structure. that investigation is pending. kpix 5 will stay on top of any development in the oakland warehouse fire. you can check with the latest on our website, making changes. the access santa clara county is making. we started off on a very cold note and dropped all the way down to 30 degrees. even colder tonight. we will talk about that was the rain coming up as the news continues after this brief time out. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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warehouse fire - right now crews are trying to access an unsearched corner of the building. continuing our live coverage of the devastating oakland warehouse fire. crews are trying to access and on searched corner of the building. in a news conference a short time ago, firefighters said 85% of the building had been searched. they halted recovery efforts last night over fears of a structural collapse. the death toll stands at 36 but crews say there is a possibility that it could increase. 26 families have been notified. nine more victims tentatively identified. one victim has yet to be identified. stay tuned for more team coverage on what is the deadliest structure fire in california since the 1906 earthquake. firefighters in san francisco are responding to the scene of a collapsed wall.
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chopper 5 was overhead. this is on crescent avenue in bernal heights. neighbors say the home was under construction. no injuries were reported. the cause of this collapse is under investigation by the department of building inspection. stepped up security at transit stations in los angeles. this comes after a bomb threat was received today at the university -- universal city station. a man called on an anonymous tip line from another country and warned of the attack.>> this could be real or it could be a hoax. we must remain calm the vigilant.>> random bag checks are taking place and bomb sniffing dogs are patrolling. la's mayor advised people not to panic and to go about the regular routine. he said he would be taking the red line to work today. officials are making a decision about whether or not to add surveillance cameras in santa clara's main south jail. the jail supervisor says that the cameras are necessary to keep the staff and inmates safe. board of supervisors is deciding on 224 new cameras and we are told that officials ask
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for the cameras a month before that recent jail escape. big stations could be -- big changes could be coming to the muni stations. it started after the board of supervisors voted to name the new chinatown station after rose pack. he was an integral part of the stations creation.>> donald trump continues to meet with potential candidates for secretary of state. he is holding talks with exxon mobil ceo. the term transition team says there are as many as nine candidates for the job mr. trump will travel to north carolina for another thank you tour stop and earlier he tweeted that he wants to cancel plans to purchase a new air force one saying that the four billion-dollar price tag is too much. here is a live look outside. it is sunny now but changes are
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ahead. rain is heading to the bay area. roberto gonzales is tracking a drop in temperatures.>> we certainly have been. 31 degrees early this morning at walnut creek. it is hard to try to recover from that. our temperatures this afternoon are only into the low to mid 50s. not getting much warmer. we have been picking up a northerly wind that and more. -- wind at 10 miles per hour . we have a breezy evening hour. we have this core area of low pressure generating out of the gulf of alaska. it is pulling out canadian air all the way into southern california. behind it here we have the front. it will bring rain by wednesday
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evening. rain through thursday tapering off on friday. 45 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area with snow flurries coming as well. locally, the clouds thicken up and the temperatures are only into the 50s. 31 in santa rosa. 32 in livermore. we have a freeze warning in effect for lake county. at 4:51 pm, the sun goes down. it cools down very rapidly at that point. 28 to 37 degrees throughout the central valley. here's your forecast. we are calling for the rain to begin tomorrow evening. it will continue to rain off and on through friday. the most moderate to heavy rain by thursday afternoon. it looks like you may need your umbrella over the weekend.>> it
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is my favorite time of year. it is time for our food for bay area's check presentation. we have members from the pacific service credit union. how long have we been doing this? >> 20 years.>> larry is the executive director of the food bank. how great is the need this year? >> it is significant. we are serving 190,000 people on a regular basis. during the holiday season, we add another 30,000 people who need help here>> you said families. the kids are adversely affected. they go to school hungry.>> 30,000 families over the holidays and 190,000 families throughout the year.>> one out of every four children?>> yes. that is something that should not happen in a county effluent as ours. >> that is why my new bff's coming to the emotional and financial rescue this year. how did you raise this money?>>
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it is definitely a group effort. the credit union is dedicated to bettering the lives of the people in our communities. we see this donation as 66,000 meals for families in our community. >> it makes a real difference.>> does it stay within contra costa county? >> yes. >> we do programs like rybak -- by back where employees can make donations to the food bank. >> we want you to jump in and help us out. we can accept your donations right there i . you
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can visit your local foods market as well.>> how much do you have in your pocket right now?>> i am going to donate today. let's take a look at the big board. the dow jones is up 11 points right now. it is 12:19 pm. we will be right back. ,, who says i shouldn't have a soda every day? my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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kpix five's anne makovec is at the scene... we want to give one last update the deadly warehouse fire.>> kpix 5's anne makovec is live at the scene. >> reporter: recovery work continues. what is left of the warehouse that burned down on friday night. 36 people have been found dead inside. authorities have not found a body in the remains since yesterday. that is good news. they believe that the death toll will remain now at 36. there is still one person that they have not been able to identify. they will have to look into dna or possible dental records to identify that person. may have had a very tough task here when it comes to informing all of the families. in the
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meantime, continuing their search for answers. the atf is investigating the cause of this fire. they have pinpointed the origin and the work continues. the latest they have moved in a bulldozer to the area. eventually there will be a cleanup operation underway. live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. the bay area continues to come together to mourn the victims. tonight, another vigil will be held by the oakland transit community at 440 grand avenue. it starts at 6:30 pm. tomorrow, a fire benefit will be held at midsummer studios on horton street in emeryville which starts at 7 pm. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we are monitoring developments from the scene of that is going to do it for kpix 5. we are monitoring developments from the scene of the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. our team coverage will continue at 5 pm right here on kpix 5. >> that will do it. have a great day, everyone.
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